The Department has three D-Link Certified LAN connected computer labs with 140 systems. The labs are equipped with the latest technology Servers and computer systems with LED /TFT monitors. The systems can be booted from  Ubuntu and Windows 10.

100 MBPS internet facility is also provided with unlimited access.

Some highlights and features of our computer labs include: 

  • 140 64-bit high-quality LED monitors PCs
  • Systems are networked to facilitate teaching in small batches, with adequate faculty attention.
  • Hard writing surfaces for easier note taking
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Comfortable, ergonomic seating
  • High-quality ACs for continuous cooling
  • Separate IT helpdesk for all installation and maintenance work.


School of Computer Applications Library:

The Library is  fully automated with resources designed  to meet the intellectual requirements of the  clientele. The Library stands as a treasure trove of knowledge and exploration with a collection of over 11040 volumes. A digital collection of more than 1600 CD ROMs, provides a multimedia dimension to learning. The Library subscribes to 13 international journals creating a gateway to the latest breakthroughs in various fields. It also subscribes to 24 national journals and 8 magazines. The digital section encompasses subscription to N-List, alongside the accessibility to NDL and NPTEL resources. The Library is automated using the latest version of the Open source software ‘Koha’[version]. The OPAC empowers members to search, reserve or track the status of any book. The membership is extended to the institution’s staff members and students. All transactions are facilitated by smart cards and barcode scanner. Access to varieties of online resources is provided through a ‘Virtual Library’ which enables the students to search online resources including textbooks in PDF format. It provides access to multiple resources including Thesis, Journal articles, Aptitude practice online, online learning platforms, Virtual lab etc, through a single platform. The library remains open on all working days from 9am to 5pm.

School of Computer Applications Library

Working Time : 9am to 5pm

No. of Books11046
National Journals24
International Journals13
E- JournalsN-List, NDL, NPTEL
Library AutomationKoha Version
Digital Collections1600 CDs
Online ServiceVirtual Library

Seminar Hall

Department has  a well furnished Conference room and a Seminar Hall with a seating capacity of 100  and more than 200 people  respectively. The halls are spacious and well ventilated with modern facilities like projectors, advanced sound system, white-boards for delivering lectures ,WiFi facility etc. for conducting technical, cultural and placement activities.

It is a regular venue for conferences, workshops and seminars,and has all the facilities to enhance the learning process and is a vast space that serves the varied requirements of quality education. Both the halls are fitted with state of art audio visual system.


The campus offers separate hostel facilities for boys and girls with Resident Wardens to look into the welfare of the students, and provide necessary help.

The students are provided the best possible comfort with well furnished rooms.

HostelWardenPhone Number
EAST HostelMain Warden: Dr. Rima Joseph, Dept. of Zoology
Resident Warden: Ms. Regi George
WEST HostelMain Warden: Mr. Eldo Varghese, Dept. of Mathematics
Resident Warden: Ms. Ancy Thomas
TBT HostelMain Warden: Ms. Minu Joyce, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
Resident Warden: Ms. Mariyamma Oommen
CTB HostelMain Warden: Mr. Eldo Varghese, Dept. of Mathematics
Resident Warden: Ms. Vincy Joseph
Skinner HostelMain Warden: Dr..Bindhu M, Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education
Resident Warden: Ms. Grace Thomas
0484 -2604654
Chacko HostelMain Warden: Mr. Sunil Abraham Thomas
Resident Warden: Dn. Abin George
0484 – 2607880


Department provides two spaces for two wheeler parking .A separate space is allotted for four wheeler parking  for both faculty and students. Parking spaces are properly managed thereby reducing congestion.


Department also provides reprographic facilities like photocopying and Printing.

Sports and Fitness 

Sports Activities:

The MCA Sports cell aim is  to unleash students competitive spirit and stay active with our exciting lineup of sports activities. From regular practice sessions to thrilling tournaments, we provide opportunities to participate in various sports including:

  1. Football/Soccer: Score goals and showcase your teamwork on the field.
  2. Basketball: Dribble, shoot, and slam dunk your way to victory.
  3. Cricket: Perfect your batting, bowling, and fielding skills in friendly matches.
  4. Badminton: Serve and smash your way to becoming a badminton champion.
  5. Athletics: Sprint, jump, and throw your way to excellence in track and field events.
  6. Volleyball: Spike, set, and block with your teammates on the volleyball court.

Annual cultural meet and annual sports meet are conducted before the MCA Day celebrations

MCA Association and Sports Club serves as a dynamic platform for students to engage in sporting and cultural activities that enrich the college experiience and also explore students  creative side, collaborate with fellow students, and contribute to the cultural tapestry of our college community.

Join the Sports and Cultural Club to embark on a journey filled with sportsmanship, creativity, and unforgettable memories. Participate, connect, and thrive with us as we strive to create a college experience that goes beyond the ordinary.


The department has a spacious canteen in the campus. The canteen serves high quality refreshments and beverages to the student’s community and the faculty members.  .A variety of south Indian food and snack items are provided to the students and staff at very affordable prices with highest quality.

Canteen is open from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM on all working days.