The Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC) of the department is a strategic initiative aimed at fostering collaboration and synergy between academic institutions and industries. Its main goal is to bridge the gap between academia and industry by creating a platform for meaningful interaction, collaboration, and knowledge exchange.

The key objectives include:

Industry Institute Partnership Cell [IIPCl] of MCA Department  was inaugurated on 19th August, 2005 by Dr. P K Abdul Azis, Vice-Chancellor, CUSAT who offered all support in bringing together experts from different industrial sectors and academe and allied policy makers to set the trend and prepare guidelines for future activities.


Free Open Source Software (FOSS) Cell of MCA department was formed in 2006 to promote the awareness and utilization of free software among staff and students. It serves as a platform for promoting the understanding, adoption, and contribution to free and open-source software.

The cell helps in understanding its benefits, encouraging its use, and fostering a community of learning.

To promote free open source softwares, the open source tools are integrated into university curriculum that aligns education with the ethos of open collaboration. By doing so, the students are prepared for the demands of a technology-driven world while fostering values of community, creativity, and innovation. This approach not only enhances the educational experience but also contributes to the growth of the broader open source ecosystem.