Empowering Futures: Your Pathway to Professional Success

The Department’s Training and Placement Cell is dedicated to equipping our students for enhanced employability. Our commitment shines through our comprehensive training programs, encompassing Communication Skills, Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and Group Discussion prowess. These sessions are led by accomplished experts from diverse regions of the nation. Our efforts have yielded remarkable results, with numerous students securing positions in prestigious companies. The robust support of our active alumni network further strengthens our endeavors.

Join us in sculpting a triumphant career journey!

Join us in sculpting a triumphant career journey!

Training and Placement Cell – Shaping Your Professional Trajectory


Our Placement Cell is a hub of dynamic activities designed to prepare you for a thriving career journey. The heart of our efforts lies in comprehensive training programs and impactful campus drives that shape your professional trajectory.

Training Programs
Starting from your induction, we provide a range of training programs that empower you with essential skills. These include Aptitude Training, Communication Skill Enhancement, Group Discussion Mastery, Mock Interview Simulations, and Resume Preparation Workshops. This holistic training approach ensures you’re well-prepared for the challenges of the job market, fostering your growth from day one throughout your academic journey.

Career Guidance
In collaboration with industry experts, we offer insightful talks that provide a glimpse into the world of work. These expert sessions not only broaden your perspective but also guide you towards aligning your aspirations with the realities of the professional landscape.

Placement drives
Our Placement Cell orchestrates both on-campus and off-campus drives to connect you with diverse employment opportunities. The campus drives bring esteemed recruiters directly to our premises, allowing you to interact with potential employers and showcase your talents. Simultaneously, our off-campus initiatives widen the horizon of possibilities, enabling you to explore opportunities beyond the confines of the campus.


Our Annual Report on Placement and Training Activities encapsulates a year of impactful training programs, successful placements, and collaborative efforts that have empowered our students for promising careers.

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Placement Committee

Our Placement Committee, composed of dedicated faculty members and student representatives from various batches, ensures a well-structured and organized approach to placement activities. This collaborative effort guarantees that your needs and aspirations are at the forefront of our initiatives.

Placement committee 2023-24

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Training and Placement Cell
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