Awards And Scholarships

Union Christian College is dedicated to removing financial barriers that may hinder students with innovative ideas and a strong passion from pursuing their education at UCC. Our commitment revolves around ensuring that no student misses out on their educational opportunities due to financial limitations. We actively strive for fairness and justice in delivering financial and other forms of support to our student community.

Our approach includes:

Assistance in Accessing External Scholarships: We provide guidance and support to students in accessing scholarships offered by government and other external agencies. This assistance helps students tap into additional financial resources.

Merit and Need-Based Scholarships, Financial Aid, and Fee Waivers: UCC offers a range of scholarships, financial assistance programs, and freeships based on both merit and financial need. These initiatives are established by the institution to help students overcome financial constraints while pursuing their education.

This strategy is implemented through a transparent and inclusive process that involves the active participation of various stakeholders, including the Management and  teaching faculty. Together, we work to ensure that every student has the opportunity to thrive academically and achieve their goals at Union Christian College.