Program Outcomes

On completion of MCA programme, the student is expected to achieve the following programme outcomes.

Programme Outcomes

Expected Outcome


 Communicate Effectively:

Incúlcate effective communication skills combined with professional & ethical attitude with the computing community and also the society by comprehending and writing effective reports and documentation, making effective presentations and providing and receiving clear instructions.


Individual & Team Work:

Function effectively in diverse teams as team leader and team  member on multidisciplinary projects to demonstrate computing and management skills


Problem Analysis:

Identify, critically analyze and formulate complex problems in multidisciplinary domains reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of Mathematics, Sciences and Engineering.


Computational Knowledge:

Relate & apply fundamental knowledge of computing technology and relevant domains for the conceptualization of models from defined problems appropriate to the discipline


Design and Development of Solution:

Design, implement and evaluate complex business scenarios and contemporary issues into desired needs based solutions with a passion for quality, competency and holistic approach


Solving Complex Computing Problems:

Use problem solving skills including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of information and synthesis of the knowledge to unravel multifaceted industrial problems.


Modern Tool Usage:

Create, select and apply appropriate skills, techniques, resources and modern engineering tools to solve social, cultural and industrial issues with global standards


Research and Lifelong Learning:

Engage in continuous learning as an expert by applying research based knowledge and methodologies to design, analyze and interpret data for finding the Solutions for complex problems by applying modem technological tools


Project Management and Finance:

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles with computing skills to manage and estimate projects in multidisciplinary environments



Find out the right opportunity for the utilization of innovative ideas and entrepreneurship to make value and wealth for the betterment of the individual and the society at large


Social, Cultural, Environmental, Legal and Ethical Concern(s):

Recognize environmental, social, cultural, legal, ethical and cyber issues involved in the use of technology and other consequential responsibilities relevant to professional practice with an understanding of green environment initiative


On completion of Postgraduate programme, the student is expected to achieve the following programme specific outcomes

PSO1 Solidify foundation of mathematics, computer science and problem solving methodologies for effective implementation in real life applications.
PSO2 Familiarize students about principles of Software Engineering and Project Management with appropriate data modeling concepts and latest technologies.
PSO3 Use of recent technologies, skills and knowledge for the design and development of applications in the computing discipline.
PSO4 Inculcate employability and entrepreneurship skills among students who can contribute innovative and advanced solutions for the important life problems.
PSO5  Understand the concepts of Network and communication technologies, social network and other related aspects