“The Alumni Association serves as a unified platform for both past students and faculty of the college, tracing its roots back to the college’s inception in 2001. It is a space where cherished memories are shared, ideas exchanged, and connections renewed. Through a series of engaging initiatives, the Association facilitates alumni gatherings, fostering joyful reunions for former students of the Department of Computer Applications.

An annual highlight is the Alumni Reunion, which takes place on the second Saturday of August each year. This much-anticipated event provides an opportunity for alumni to reconnect, relive their college days, and celebrate their collective journey.

Beyond rekindling friendships, the Alumni Association offers valuable support to its members. Alumni actively contribute by providing placement training, evaluating projects, offering mentorship, organizing industry talks, and extending placement assistance. This collaborative effort underscores the commitment of our alumni community to give back and support the growth and development of current students.

Join us in perpetuating the spirit of camaraderie and giving back to the institution that laid the foundation for our success.”

The Alumni Executive Committee is a dynamic fusion of esteemed faculty members and dedicated alumni representatives, each hailing from different batches. With a diverse range of perspectives and experiences, our committee strives to shape a vibrant alumni network that reflects the richness of our institution's history. Together, we are committed to fostering connections, organizing engaging events, and building a strong bridge between our cherished alma mater and its accomplished graduates. Meet alumni executive members of this year